Interactive Yoga Workshops with
Susan Simpson and Katya Mourits

~ for safe and effective yoga practice ~

Workshop Themes

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Core Matters

Together, we will dive into different aspects of your core and discover how to use abdominal support and at the same time ensure freedom of breath and movement which are both essential for safe and effective practice. In particular, we will look at:

* different ways of engaging the core and supporting your back
*how to balance core strength and mobility
* increasing your pelvic floor awareness
* appropriate degree of abdominal engagement
* what is lost in transitions?

You will take away numerous practical tips on what works best for your body through inquiries and adjustments.

Pelvic Power

In this session we will explore common postures that depend on proper pelvic alignment.

Pelvis is in the center of our being and many aches, pains and misalignments can be traced back to the pelvis.

We will start the session by learning a simple and effective pelvic reset sequence to bring the pelvis into a more balanced state. We will then look at how pelvic movements affect the spine and go through groups of common yoga postures where correct pelvic alignment is the key to proper abdominal engagement, stability in postures, spinal health and our ability to stretch the muscles of the thigh.

Lower back discomfort? – Pelvis has the power to relieve it!
Sacroiliac joint pain? – Learn how to stabilise the pelvis.

Shoulder Stability and Upper Back Mobility

Shoulder is a very mobile and therefore a fragile joint. At the same time there is a variety of yoga postures that rely on proper positioning of the shoulder.

In addition to that, our arms are organs of action for the upper back so it is important to understand the interplay between the shoulders and the spine.

In this session we will look at:
* what movements are possible in the shoulder joint
* what is the safe and comfortable range of motion in the shoulder
* effective ways to stabilise the shoulder
* potential associated movements of the spine and the shoulders and their consequences

Happy Hips, Knees and Ankles

The lower limb plays an important role in yoga practice. With an array of hip openers offered in yoga classes, it is crucial to understand the abilities of our Western bodies used to sitting in chairs to keep the knees safe.

In this session we will discuss a relationships between hip, knee and ankle positioning in many common postures. We will highlight essential alignment aspects and discover ways to create muscular engagement around the joints for strength and stability.

You will discover safe and effective approaches for opening the hips by working alone and with a partner. You will also learn to feel common compensations occurring in postures and find out how to correct them.

Free Up Your Spine, Fire Up Your Core

This workshop will focus on gaining mastery over your core to:

* mobilise your spine
* relieve back pain, stiffness and tension
* improve oxygen delivery to muscles, ligaments and brain
* ease your way into backbends and forward bends
* support your spine in transitions
* improve breathing
* strengthen your pelvic floor
* improve digestion

We will have fun exploring every aspect of your core. This session is informative, explorative, practical and fun. You will take away simple, effective techniques to make your yoga practice more effective.
You will be amazed by the results!

Glutes – Great Shape, Flawless Function

Your buttocks play a huge role beyond aesthetics. Inhibited glutes is one of the major causes of back pain and sacroiliac joint discomfort as your glutes are the only muscles stabilising the SI joint.

And there is more! For the majority of people glutes will not be firing property in yoga and in life, leading to inhibition of your abdominal muscles, overworked hamstrings, instability in lunges, squats and balancing poses, pain in buttocks (overworked piriformis) and outer thigh.

"What does not get affected?" – you might ask!

In this workshop we will do individual assessment for all the participants to check whether your glutes are firing properly. Then, we will offer you a series of poses and movements to ensure correct firing of these muscles. We will integrate all that in a delicious yoga flow.

Sun Salutations Clinic

A Sun Salutation sequence is a fundamental part of many yoga practices and is the basis of Vinyasa Yoga. Many people, even experienced practitioners, find it challenging.

It is easy to “cheat your way” though it – especially though Chaturanga (push-up), Upward Facing Dog and transitions between the poses. Correct alignment in Sun Salutation poses and transitions is crucial for building up strength while preventing shoulder and lower back injuries. This is the foundation for strong core and upper body.

During the workshop you will get to try different variations of the poses often not explored in group classes and find what works for your body. Together, we will create a plan for progressing through different Chaturanga (push-up) variations to build up strength quickly and safely.

what we offer

Enhance your understanding of the body and your yoga practice

We offer informative, fun, interactive and skilfully delivered workshops, based on thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology and years of experience in yoga and physiotherapy.

We believe in aware, safe and effective yoga practice – an injury-free path that leads to freedom of movement, balance between strength and flexibility, free breath and calm mind. And we will enable you to achieve that through leaning in a very accessible, applied and personalised way about the body and the interplay of its various parts.

Through explanations, demonstrations, inquiries, partner work and personalised adjustments you will discover what works best for your body, which modifications to use and how to interpret and apply common cues given in yoga classes.

  • years of yoga experience
  • years of clinical experience
  • x16 teacher training hours
  • x20 teaching hours


Susan Simpson
Physiotherapist with New Zealand School of Dance, Yoga Teacher
Susan has 22 years of clinical experience working with Royal NZ Ballet and now with young dancers. She is an inspired and skilful teacher and her yoga classes are explorative, wonderfully sequenced and beautifully delivered.
Katya Mourits
Yoga Teacher E-RYT, RPYT, Director of Calligraphy Yoga New Zealand
Katya is a senior yoga teacher, teacher trainer and mentor with deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology and energetic aspects of yoga. Her love of learning, masterfully delivered classes and creative sequencing keep inspiring her students through regular yoga and qigong classes and workshops.


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